I really shouldn’t wait until the last second to write since I become too tired to make much sense. What I do know for sure is that we had a wonderful day with Brooks’s parents today and made some more great memories. We began the day slowly, heading out for a matinee, which we really enjoyed.

The crew settled on The Help as our movie of choice. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t keep abreast of what’s being released if it’s not kid related in some way, shape, or form. One of my friends had mentioned that she had gone with her kiddos and that it was a good movie.

I wasn’t prepared for how emotionally gripping The Help was, how it would be impossible to watch it without weeping. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around something that you just read about in books. To see those events acted out, on a screen, it was incredibly powerful. I’m glad everyone settled on The Help, and even though Little B was reduced to sobs at the conclusion of the movie, I’m glad he saw it too.

Tomorrow we take Brooks’s parents to Austin to catch their plane back to PA. It’s been such a treat to share RandR with them, to have my boys relish in their presence and vice versa. It’s difficult to say when we might see them again, so we try to make the best of our time together and I can say with certainty that we enjoyed every minute of their stay.

See you later’s suck sometimes, but the promise of another greeting is always enough to make the heartache bearable.