We knew long before Brooks arrived home for RandR that I would probably be in the midst of my semester during his visit this year. This is not the norm for us. Although Brooks typically comes home in the later part of his deployment I can’t remember ever having to worry or fuss over homework before. And so today, to my great chagrin, I tackled my college classes: taking notes, reading course content, and even taking quizzes.

It was incredibly hard to do because all I really wanted to do was spend time with my boys. My sweet beau sat next to me and watched television to keep me company. Brooksy stopped by occasionally to give me hugs and kisses and to get status updates on my progress.

I am incredibly thankful for two things: 1. That my Psych class is super interesting and because I’ve taken so many courses in that subject, quite easy and somewhat repetitive. It is the first chapter, so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll feel that way in a few weeks. And 2. That my dreaded Stat 200 class pushed back our due date for our first week’s assignments.

Huge sigh of relief.

Because I haven’t taken a math course in forever and a day.

And because the workload is INSANE.

I enjoy math tremendously, though it is my worst subject by far. If I have great examples I can pretty much figure it out and trudge through it. But trudging through it with Brooks sitting by my side is not my idea of fun right now. I’d much rather be playing games with The Boys or having long conversations with my beau. Math doesn’t trump any of that.

So I tackled my homework, finally.

We even had time to squeeze in a movie and dinner (homework success!).

At one point during the movie I looked over at Brooks and reached over and gave him a pretty long hug, finally resting my head on his back. We broke our own rule this afternoon while getting ready to go out: we dared to discuss The Date. As in the date of his departure. We even named the date, as in the day of the week. And although as quickly as it was spoken of I dismissed it, thoughts of it must have lingered unconsciously in my head for at the precise moment that I hugged him I was filled with an incredible amount of sadness and grief.

I love My Brooks for as I rested my head on his back he simply whispered, “I’ll be home soon.”

And before I could will it away a small tear escaped my eye and I was filled with an incredibly sense of gratitude for this man who knows me so well and who knows exactly what to say and when. Because quite simply those words were the precise ones I needed to hear at that very moment in time.

As short a distance of time that we’ve had him home, it really and truly feels like he’s been here “forever.” I remain so incredibly thankful for that.

Life is sweet, regardless of our circumstances.