The title to my blog post is rather depressing. Which conveys the wrong message because this weekend was anything but morose and/or sad and/or depressing. It was, instead, joyful, and fun filled, and amazing in every which way. There is something about getting away from home that allows you to shed that whole part of your story so that you only focus on the here and now. Sometimes that can be rather difficult to do at home, so getting away was incredibly uplifting and much needed after my sad little tear shed the other night at the theater. I’m just saying.

Getting to San Antonio was a ridiculously slow progress. It took us about two hours to even hit I35 but after we made our way south, finally, it was pure nonstop fun. Spending some time with my brother and his family was an added bonus and treat. And today may have been the best day yet.

After sleeping in and a lazy breakfast we headed to Schlitterbahn for our long awaited day at the park, the whole park. We were all kind of nervous that the place would be jam packed with people but were incredibly excited and thankful that the opposite was true. The longest we waited to ride on an attraction was about thirty minutes and that was because we that particular ride experienced some technical difficulties. The rest of the day we rode most of the attractions twice and were able to either walk right onto a ride or wait minimally. That makes for a perfect day in this crazy Texas heat.

We had too much fun. And the best part was that as we all agreed that we’d have to come again next year not one of us seemed sad at the prospect that a separation awaited us between now and then. Sometimes I’m not sure if experience or denial has made us so good at bearing these deployments. It might just be a mixture of the two. Either way I’m grateful.

So tomorrow we will enjoy our day together, denying ourselves the reality of our present situation, forcing sleep deprivation in the aim of not squandering a second together, because it’s what we know to do.