As the RandR clock slowly ticks down to our much dreaded See You Later, I am reminded keenly of all the reasons Brooks’s absence in our home is so painful. When Brooks is home it’s as though all were well with the world, no matter the circumstances. The way he interacts with Brooks is heartwarming, his company priceless, his laughter contagious. Where ever he is The Boy and I are sure to be close behind.

I count myself truly blessed to have such a wonderful partner and best friend.

RandR has been crazy good. The memories of our time together will surely sustain me until our next reunion.

Today, sadly, we had to begin discussing Brooks’s departure, mainly so we wouldn’t miss it. We spent the day lazily lounging around, enjoying each other’s company, and even made time to get a few rounds of bowling in. Sleep will not be our top priority today. We can certainly catch up on that later.

Life remains sweet, regardless of the circumstances.