We had a pretty busy day today. Busy is always good during deployments. You are too exhausted and rushed to heed any attention to any persistent deployment blues. After a while you get pretty good at ignoring those feeble attempts at unseating your sanity.

I am thankful for the long to do lists, imagined and otherwise. Sometimes I pencil in extra stuff just so I don’t have time to think and ponder on our situation. In a few days I won’t have to purposely try. We’ll be so ingrained in our deployment “normal” that it’ll be second nature, this keeping busy, not thinking about the obvious thing.

So today we ran some errands, I worked on our calendar and caught up on emails and other pressing matters for over three hours, and we helped a friend out. Afterwards we treated ourselves to dinner and came home to await Little B’s best friend’s arrival. He’s having a long sleepover this weekend and quite excited to see his friend and play, play, play.

I am extremely thankful for his friend and the joy that B gets from the friendship. Especially with Daddy having left so soon distractions for the both of us are always welcome. I plan on hunkering down this weekend and getting some homework done. I am looking forward to Monday and homeschooling B after a homeschooling hiatus. Mostly, I am looking forward to phone calls from Brooks, playtime with my boy, and some much deserved baking and cooking. It’s going to be a good weekend, for sure.