The homework situation is kind of crazy right now. Normally this would send me into long, prolonged bouts of migraines. Stress for me equals migraines, without fail. So I work really, really hard to minimize any stress so I don’t end up with a killer headache, which then puts me out of commission, which invariably stresses me out further. It’s a vicious cycle. True story.

I have ways of coping. Coca Cola is high on my list. I tell myself that I drink it because of the caffeine, because, heck, those little pills that they sell over the counter for said migraines have caffeine in them, so I reason that a can of cola must somehow help. Next on my list, and right on the heels of the amazing sound a can of cola makes upon opening it, is The Cleaning.

I’m not patting myself on the back when I say that my house is spotless. It is what it is. I like to clean. Really and truly enjoy it. It’s probably a strange hobby, but to each his own, right? I relish in dusting the blinds, or mopping the floor by hand, or even in cleaning the air duct vents. So when I get stressed the house begins to bug me. I’ll have to deep clean it and then I feel all better. So when a migraine is fast approaching it I tackle it with some crazy, heavy duty cleaning.

All this to say that I spent four hours cleaning my spotless house this morning. In my head the trade off was that I avoided the migraine that my homework that’s been neglected might have produced. And in another positive, my bedroom set, the one that has long annoyed me, is no longer so annoying since I found some furniture polish that made the whole thing look brand spanking new.

It’s the small things in life, people! The small things!

Thankfully, The Boy’s best friend is still here. Those children kept themselves occupied, switching play time between long complicated pretend play, TV, or video games. At one point Jason and Brooks were discussing his poor gerbil that was eaten by his brothers. Brooks asked when that whole sad situation occurred. Jason replied that it was a long time ago, when he was 7. At which point, simultaneously The Boy and I burst into uncontrollable laughter. Jason is eight.

In the afternoon, after knocking out my Psych homework, I took the boys outside for some fun. I envisioned us partaking in a “craft,” art project, and science fun. The craft idea I got from a website:

Right away the boys decided that they wanted to put all manner of animals into the jar, and that the small jar I had procured was, well, small. Brooks fished his terrarium jar from the office and declared that since the plants inside it had died we could use that instead. My fear was the awful smell that was probably in that jar now. Awful smell, the boys chirped? And off they ran like crazy children with no sense in them, whooping and hollering that it would be FUN to open the jar and expose all it’s nasty, vile smells. Boys! They crack me up.

So outside we went, prepared with gloves upon our hands, and willing our stomachs to be STRONG. Well, I was at least. The boys gleefully opened the jar and set about taking long, deep whiffs of the contents, declaring the jar okay, smell wise. It was vile, people. Vile! How they took deep breaths of that into their noses is beyond me, but that they did. They then set to playing with the water hose, the dirt in the jar, adding leaves from the yard into the mix. They then took it upon themselves to fill endless amounts of disposable gloves with water, tying them from trees, smacking them into the ground, and throwing them into the air. You would have thought there was a party in the yard, from the sounds emanating from it. The hose was quickly looped over the slide and they placed gloves on their feet and began “surfing” down the slide. All the while, I sat in a chair, taking in the commotion, and loving every second of it. It was with regret that they ambled inside, finally, to change out of their wet clothes and get ready for Chuck E Cheese.

So needless to say the art project and science fun never occurred. I think we’ll aim for the art fun tomorrow. I was going to set out different colors of paint for the kiddos to put their feet into, and then I was going to set out butcher paper for them to walk and run all over. I have a feeling they will absolutely love that.

My friend Tanja had invited us to CC’s last week. And what a great idea, because as the kiddos run off to play to their little heart’s content we get to sit and visit. She’s so smart! It’s a Mommy play date and the kiddos are none the wiser.

Life is good, regardless of the crazy amounts of homework, best friend half way around the world,  and sick dog. Life is good.