Brooks has been fighting something for the last two days. He’s been feeling crummy but of course his best friend was here so he played through it. This morning both boys woke up with sore throats and Little B is so congested and lethargic. He was incredibly sad to see Jason go, even as sick as he was.

So The Boy has spent the day resting on the living room floor, watching movies and napping and making occasional “woe-is-me” sounds. He’s gone through two boxes of tissues and has quite the mountain growing next to his head. The dogs have taken turns sleeping next to him, their heads nestled on his pillow against his. It’s quite cute, except that it’s sad too.

Brooksy hasn’t been ill in quite some time, so he’s quite miserable. He diagnosed himself with hand, foot, mouth disease since it’s the only illness he’d ever experienced a sore throat with before. It took some convincing on my part for him to lay down that torch and relent that it’s probably just a really bad cold. Google images were required in that convincing, FYI.

I’ve spent the day working my way through my statistics course. Catching up has not been fun, though it’s been interesting. I was able t o talk to my beau for a while and that made for a great reprieve from the monotony. I even got some baking in today. The weather turned nice and crisp, with a yummy breeze thrown in the mix. For a moment I remembered why I miss living up north.