Today was crazy busy, but I kept my cool. Mainly because I still had Statistics homework due by midnight tonight and I couldn’t afford a migraine. Doesn’t it seem like I’ve been working on this homework forever, because it feels that way to me?

Today was Marilyn’s first day of school and she was ubber excited! We were excited for her too. Her teacher seems super nice and Marilyn reported after school that she got to go to the library, outside for recess, and they even had PE. What great fun! Because it was her first day of school we took her out to dinner and she chose the restaurant. After thinking it over for a spell she chose Texas Roadhouse. She was tickled pink!

Brooksy and I spent the morning running errands, while I furiously multi-tasked while waiting in offices. Poor Little B was still not feeling well and was a bit miserable but he made it through like a champ. Coca Cola was my saving grace here. There is nothing like a nice cold Coke to make a long wait seem trivial. That might just be me 🙂

We were both excited about his art class at the Cordovon Art School in Heights. We are big on art around here and so signing him up for legit art classes seemed like such a neat idea. Of course, we are super thankful that the classes are free since it’s part of the free money set aside for military dependant children during a deployment. It’s such a blessing and one we couldn’t pass up.

Brooksy had a blast at art class and came out smiling HUGE! He was super excited about his art piece and gushed about the class the whole way through dinner. I am so thankful for the opportunities available in this area for kiddos. It surely makes homeschooling a bit easier knowing that there are activities and classes that can compliment what we are doing at home.

After such a crazy busy day we came home and went for a nice long bike/scooter / rollerskate. Brooksy was on the bike. Marilyn had fun on the scooter. And yours truly about killed herself ten different times on the rollerskates. I didn’t fall one time, though I came close. I even almost clotheslined B one time when he ran to try and save me. I ended up choking him but we managed to stay on our feet. My hero!

After finishing up my Stat’s homework we put on a movie, made some homemade popcorn (the best kind!), and baked some scrumptious pumpkin cookies. Moments like these, at the end of a crazy busy day, leave me feeling utterly blessed beyond measure. I’m always a bit sad too, not being able to share the down times of a crazy busy day with my favorite person. Writing an email, or penning a letter, even writing in this blog… none of it compares to sharing my day to day with him face to face. But I remain thankful for the ability to keep in touch. I won’t lose sight of our blessings and the fact that we are surely one day closer to being together.

So, after a marathon of Statistical homework nightmare the last few nights, I’m ready to call it quits. I’m going get in comfy PJ’s, curl up with a book on the couch and eat one too many pumpkin cookies with ice cold milk. I call that the perfect ending to a long and hectic day.

Life is good!