The boy and I spent the first day back to school after our long RandR induced break in a whirlwind of activities. It’s rather nice, I think, that irregardless of how much schooling I can squeeze into a day, we are still left with a comfortable amount of free time.

The fact is, that I only have the one kid. This makes it ridiculously easy to manage what would otherwise be a hectic schedule. And, Little B makes my job easy. He’s helpful around the house and knows our routine so well I don’t have to ask him do certain things before we run out the door. Were it not for those two things perhaps our schedule might appear hectic to me, but thankfully it’s not.

So this morning after B’s horse riding lesson (which he was ubber excited about since Ms. Sue took him to a small enclosure so he could ride by himself), we came home and knocked out half of our homeschool lessons. Little B is super committed this year to work on his ADD: he catches himself when he begins to lose focus and does a lot of self redirection. It really helps time management wise, because we spend less time on refocusing and more time on just the lessons. If any of you have a child with ADD and homeschool you all might feel me on this.

Texas Tumblers hosts a monthly homeschool open gym: the first Wednesday of each month. We have often heard tell of the open gym but timing has always been bad. Although today was our first day back after our break I figured an hour break between lessons would be fine, especially considering that we typically take an hour break anyways for lunch and outside play. To save on time, I packed B’s bento box for a lunch on the go.

Open gym was ridiculously fun. Little B spent most of his time on the big ol’ rope hanging over a cavernous foam block pit. I’m not sure if he enjoyed the swinging more or the falling, but either way that’s where he spent most of his time. I was thankful he got some nice playtime in and that he was able to spend some time with other kiddos from Co-Op. Yours truly spent most of the time (which I didn’t have my eyes on The Boy) squeezing in some school work of my own.

We came home to knock out the rest of homeschool. It’s hard not to sit back after a full day of schooling and just feel utterly blessed. I don’t take it granted for a moment that I’ve been able to stay with Little B this long, and though we don’t know for certain when we’ll place him in school outside the home, I remain grateful for today.

After school we played some outdoor games. B has been begging to play Kick the Lid, a game I found on It’s super easy to set up and only requires two items: a lid and chalk. After Kick the Lid we played a few games of PIG, because the weather is just to darn nice to be indoors.

We zipped off in time to make it to B’s first ever hip hop dance class. Little B has been resistant to taking hip hop dance lessons. He says he knows how to dance so why take a class. I thought he might enjoy it and because we didn’t pay for it ourselves figured we could try it for a month and if he disliked it we could take something else next month. Brooks didn’t hate his class. He LOVED it. The instructor is young and easy to follow. She made it fun and kept the kiddos engaged the whole time. After class B thanked his teacher before running to me and giving me a big hug and kiss, thanking me for signing him up.

I wish D.Brooks would have been here. He would have gotten a kick out of Brooks’s dancing. I did!

So after a full day of learnig and activities we came home and after free played squeezed in the first half of an art project: paint splat monsters. This project is easy to set up and great for time crunches. My kind of art on a busy, busy day. Here is the link, if anyone is interested :

B loved this project. Tomorrow we’ll use pencils or pens to finish off our monsters. We agreed that we would each work on identical splats seperately to see what we each come up with. Sounds like fun to me!

And so we ended our night with some Nat Geo, some pumpkin cookies, and ice cold milk. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Though we remained busy all day I found myself aching for Brooks’s presence. Although it gets easier to cope with the missing him, there are days where the pangs of sadness at being so far from him still take my breath away. I miss him with every grain of my being and can’t wait for him to come home so we can share our day to day with him over dinner, both The Boy and I speaking excitedly over each other. Until then, I’ll patiently wait.