My sister called me today with the wonderful news that they (my sister and abuela) had purchased their plane tickets to come visit for the holidays. It makes me giddy with excitement to know that in a few short months they’ll be here helping us celebrate Christmas and partaking in our traditions. I am so thankful for my family, for their love and support. Mostly, I’m glad for the company and the distraction from The Deployment. Because let’s be honest, some of the hardest times during a deployment are the big days: those special days that we long to share with the ones we love.

I can handle the small holidays: you know, St. Patty’s Day, President’s Day… you get the gist. But some days, like anniversaries and Christmas are incredibly painful to spend apart, no matter how much you downplay it. Many times we’ll hold off celebrating those special days, or you celebrate them early.

So, I am super thankful for my sister and grandma, coming the whole way to Texas, to visit Little Ol’ Me. And The Boy. When I spoke to my abuela today I promised to spoil her rotten, to kiss her too much, and hug her often. I told her she had made me incredibly happy and that I could not wait to see her. All of these are true. I’ll be sure to talk too much, laugh easily and often, and flit around entertaining and making sure everyone is well and happy. And though I’ll miss Brooks like crazy through it all I’ll be aware of the fact that without them I’d be a sloppy mess, underneath it all.

I hate to sign off without sharing Little B’s day. After a full morning of homeschool we headed into Cove for B’s first PE class conducted at the Armed Forces YMCA. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was rather impressed with their program. Little B was excited to see familiar faces and was tickled pink that they are starting off the year with basketball.

Afterwards B had a playdate while I tutored Spanish. The Boy was beside himself with the fun he had. Apparently the kiddos were playing in the backyard with mud, each child assigned a task in creating meals or other items in their pretend kitchen. What fun! He came straight home and pulled out all his pretend food and created a restaurant smack dab in the middle of his bedroom. I had to pretend to be various customers, replete with accents and stories. He loved it especially when I was a male customer because he said my voice sounded funny.

We were able to finish our art projects that we begun yesterday: the splat monsters. B was tickled pink because we each chose one half of the splats to work on, later comparing them to see how we had used our imaginations to create monsters with similar splats. That may have been one of our favorite moments from today.

The kiddos also enjoyed Bingo at Meadows, Marilyn’s school. Bingo night was put together by the PTA. After Bingo we stopped at the big playground across the street to enjoy the mild weather. I love watching B play. Immediately after arriving several of the kids came together and began playing a complicated game of tag. Their squeals of laughter and perma grins were testament to the fact that some of the best things in childhood are the simplest. A short detour before going home and the kiddos were in heaven.

I’ve had an amazing day with my Little One. I’m looking forward to a busy and happy weekend.