So, as much as I’d like to expound on our day, I am fighting some crazy something and am feeling ready to call it a night. I inadvertently shared a drink with B the other day and now I’m experiencing his germs first hand. When I told B this morning that my throat felt like it was on fire he assured me that it would only last for two days, at which point the burning in my chest would be much worse. Nice.

We began our morning with a trip into Cove for our first day of Co-Op. I knew I was forgetting something as I drove in, but I couldn’t remember for the life of me what it could possibly be. And then it hit me: Little B and I always bake something up for his coaches or teachers on the first day… and I’d let the ball drop. So, needless to say, next week we’ll be baking up some treats for the wonderful ladies who are leading his classes this semester. I know that they are putting in lots of hours to make sure the classes are enriching, fun, and engaging for the kiddos. The least I can do is make two measly muffins for them in thanks.

Little B had a BLAST! He wasn’t too keen on his first period class : American Sign Language. But knowing my boy I knew he would find he loved it. Brooks is enchanted by all new things and LOVES learning new stuff. Sure enough, not even five minutes into the class, Little B was all smiles, ear to ear.  At the end of the day he was ready to talk non stop about all the fun things he’d experienced that morning. He was bummed that the skeleton he needs to put together for next week for his anatomy/physiology class will not be his to keep until the end of Co-Op. But he was excited to share all the new things he learned about his bones. And his Think! class. Oh boy! I saw them working on their first project and just knew he’d be excited about that one!

Brooks had so much fun I was a bit sad we only signed him up for the Cove Co-Op. I”m seriously considering putting both the Cove one and the Killeen one into our schedule for next semester. The classes are too much fun and B really enjoys them.

After Co-Op my weary self suggested we stop for a picnic at the Duck Pond at CTC. We haven’t been in what feels like forever. The pond is looking so, so sad! The grass is all dead and the pond is so slow that the rocks in the one end of the pond were exposed. In fact, we could have walked out there if we’d wanted. We were able to spy a ton of turtles though, and even saw a few fish flitting around trying to catch bread crumbs. Our favorite ducks, Mr Turkey and Mrs. Goose were still there and their family now includes two baby ducks and two juveniles, which we enjoyed watching. The juveniles would dive under the water and pop up in unexpected places. The baby ducks tried to do the same but couldn’t quite get themselves under far enough. It had us laughing.

Afterwards we got Brooks’s kite up in the sky for some kite flying. Too much fun!

We went home to finish homeschooling, which I did not want to do, but being responsible I sucked up my feelings of self pity at being sick and taught my boy. I have Friday’s scheduled as our light homeschooling days. Even so we managed to cover Math, Science (fossils), Language Arts, Spelling, History (the French Revolution), and Music (Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries, Orchestras, and worked on his fingering for his recorder). We even did a small unit on September 11th.

After school I pulled out the supplies for B’s art project:  A paper mache Japanese Koinobori. It’s super pretty and B is quiet excited to see the end product. We played music from our Orchetra CD and paper mache-ed to our hearts content. Little B’s favorite part was sticking his whole hand into the paste mixture. At the end he played with the leftover glue until it was all gone. This coming from The Boy that detested food on his face as a baby and glue and paint if it touched his body in any way. I love seeing him get messy with art.

I was extremely thankful that Jason was dropped off as we were finishing. Little B really enjoys his company and I love seeing them together. It keeps B busy, especially when I’m feeling as sick as I am.

So I am hoping after a full night of sleep and no early rising (ahem.) that I’ll wake up feeling more like myself: hopefully, sans the burning in the throat or the chest, as B predicted.