Little B and Jason stayed up super late. This is pretty much a regular occurrence when J spends the night. How late they stay up is beyond me. I can’t hang, apparently. Thankfully they woke up early enough for us to make it our on post village get together (which is basically the neighborhood we belong to on post). Today we were treated to free bowling and snacks at the bowling alley on post.

The kiddos were ecstatic when they found out they would be able to bowl for three hours. The kids had a lot of fun and even made a few new friends. Marilyn was excited to meet someone from her school. We’re hoping to plan her a playdate real soon.

After bowling we headed to the Commissary for some much needed stocking up. The boys were not exactly thrilled but thankfully were good sports about it. I picked up copies of the special’s flyer and gave each kiddo a flyer and pen. As I shopped they scoured the shelves for the specials listed. To the winner went the spoils  : a candy bar of choice. The kids had so much fun. And I…. I got to shop in relative peace. No million questions, no begging to visit the toilet, again, no water fountain breaks when at the opposite side of the store. This was a definitive Win-Win and it left me wondering why I’d never thought about it before.

After dropping off our food and eating dinner we headed to the pool on post. The pool was relatively empty and the kids enjoyed themselves, while I caught up on my newspaper. I only like to swim when it’s 11o degrees outside, otherwise I’m shivering the whole time. True story.

And now The Boys are playing video games while I contemplate tackling more school work. After a nice leisurely day like today I’m left thankful for our blessings. Life is sweet, irregardless of homework or deployments or silly illnesses. It’s all about keeping the bigger picture in mind, keeping things in perspective.