Monday’s are typically our crazy busy days. Thankfully, today has been neither of those things. In fact, at one point today I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a moment of free time when I kept telling me that for sure I had something else I needed to work on, I just couldn’t remember it. What had happened, instead, was that our schedule is so ridiculously well planned out that I’d executed everything I needed for the day and was simply waiting to accept it. It took a moment, but I got there.

It’s nice to be back to our “normal” routine after Brooks’s departure after RandR. And only because the normalcy of it keeps us busy and occupied enough that getting through another day feels easier in a lot of ways. And it’s nice too, because the last two weeks since Brooks left, I’ve felt pressed for time, my schoolwork has been consuming me, and I’ve haven’t been able to spend time with my boy the way I like. It’s nice to be able to sit with him in his room, playing one of his many pretend games, drawing, talking, and always, always laughing.

I felt like I could BREATHE today.

So, after a full morning of homeschooling, baking, and Spanish tutoring, The Boy and I worked on his kainobori fish, built towers and structures with marshmallows and toothpicks, read books, and went for a swim. My kind of day! The kind of day that leaves you feeling blessed beyond measure and wondering how you could be so lucky. And I know that that may sound odd (doesn’t she realize her husband is not home, you might be asking) but the truth of the matter is that I refuse to look at my life through a tiny distorted lens. For sure and for certain, these deployments have defined our marriage, our home life, our decisions… but at the other end of the spectrum is a life worth leading, fully and wonderfully, full of joy and hope and PEACE! Regardless of where we find ourselves at the present, on or off the same continent, life is so good, and sweet, and wonderful, and I’ll enjoy every second of it, lest I look ungrateful.

Life, as always, remains sweet, regardless of the circumstances.