While playing with The Boy outside late tonight I began reflecting on the fact that it just doesn’t feel like fall, no matter how much I want it to be so. I want to begin decorating for fall, baking fall treats, making fall crafts (with and  without The Boy), and taking fall related outings. I tried to kid myself into thinking that the people walking up and down the sidewalk, kiddos in tow in various wheeled contraptions, were out enjoying the slightly cooler evening (it was still warm, though I tried to kid myself into believing I felt a good breeze).

The thing about waiting on fall is that it leads to cooler weather (eventually?!). And cooler weather leads to winter, and winter should at some point bring my beau home. So you see, my impatience with it not feeling like fall is twofold: I’m impatient to bust out the fall cheer, but mostly, fall is like the light at the end of my deployment tunnel.

Between our general busyness, my schoolwork, B’s activities, and life it’s still impossible to not feel the absence of Brooks in all we do. Even the changing of the seasons (or the inability to see the changes) can bring tears and sadness and longing, but also hope and peace cheer.

September 23rd can’t be here soon enough. I’m crossing my fingers for cooler weather!

Our day in photos :