Oh, Penn State! You are the bane of my existence at the present moment!

Don’t get me wrong! This geeky girl loves school: loves the note taking, the book reading, the assignments, loves it all. But schoolwork has a way of taking away precious time from my boy. I know what you must be thinking… she’s a stay at home mom! She’s got plenty of time! And this is true, I do find myself grateful for all that we are able to do day to day. But lately, when it comes down to school work or taking care of household things or just hanging out with Brooks I find myself fighting the urge to put the books down and spend time with My Boy.

An art project with the kiddo or 80 pages of stats reading? Taking a walk around the neighborhood or psychology quizzes? Animal planet movies or stats labs? The list goes on and on. So, this week, my goal is to fight the urge to spend every little second of my day with The Boy and spend my allotted two hours a day doing my schoolwork. Because cramming it all on the weekend doesn’t sound fun at all!

Wish me luck!

Sometimes, motherhood feels like a balancing act!

Needless to say, we had a busy and productive day. I remain incredibly grateful for all the time and effort I put into researching curriculum for BB this year. The amount of material we are able to cover each day reminds me why we continue to homeschool Brooks and leaves me grateful that we are able to continue to teach him at home, if only for one more year. Each year is truly a gift!

After homeschooling this morning we headed into Cove for B’s PE class. The kiddos all seemed more relaxed today, most of them smiling widely during different activities. Afterwards B enjoyed a playdate while I worked with my tutoring students. Free play and some snacks followed before we headed out to the CDC’s bookfair. The kiddos enjoyed perusing the books and I enjoyed picking up a few new items for our home library. Since Mickey D’s was just down the road, we dropped in for cones and indoor playset play.

After dinner and baths (yes, we had cones before dinner 🙂  ) I taught B about Vincent Van Gogh and we began discussing self portraits. Because it was so late already and he was clamoring for free play we put off working on our self portraits until tomorrow. I’m excited to see what the kiddos come up with!

I’m still undecided whether I’ll commit to my schoolwork tonight or if I’ll give myself a pass. I do have half my schoolwork done (this is me rationalizing) and I have had a busy day. What to do, what to do…