I’m currently stuck in line at Walmart. I don’t care much for this store and try to avoid it like the plague, but alas, tonight, in my attempt to avoid errand running tomorrow, I find myself here. In line. Moving forward ever so slow.

So I’m updating the blog from here.

Today we had a wonderful day: co-op followed by homeschooling, which preceded art and a rousing game of what we like to call House Pong. It’s really indoor racquetball with Ikea kid plates serving as our racquets. Little B came up with the parameters of the game and was a very enthusiastic opponent.

And to top a wonderful day we were treated to a Mommy playdate/ kiddo playdate at the Chuck E Cheese in town. A good long sit down convo with my friend Tanja made for a perfect ending to a long, productive, and tiring week. As soon as I make it through this line I’ll hurry home and to bed for this tired Momma.

Tomorrow, God willing, is another day.