Every so often I get the bug to move things around or reorganize areas of the house. I get antsy if things are the same; I blame the fact that we were military brats and moved often. At home that typically means moving rooms around. At our last place our living room was relocated to four different rooms. True story.

Brooks’s ten year anniversary of active duty service was today. And that got me thinking on all our moves. Although we’ve only been stationed at two duty stations, Brooks’s five deployments have meant that at times I chose to move home, temporarily. So ten years later we’ve called five different addresses home. One of those addresses was only home for a few months while we waited on base housing to find us a home. In the interim we lived amongst boxes.

My most favorite place was the on post billeting, or hotel, that we lived at for about ten days after we got married. I don’t count that as one our addresses since it was a hotel, but at the same time Brooks and I recall that little room fondly. We were newly weds, overjoyed at being together non-stop, and spent most of our time talking nonstop and playing endless rounds of Pinochle. This was back when being called Mrs. Julius still sent me into peals of laughter.

So this morning, while excited that Brooks had reached his half way to retirement mark, I reorganized B’s already organized closet. Except that I purchased some cute stacking bins and now he can reach his stuff better. I was pretty pleased with the results and at the same time was so thrilled to get my I-need-to-reorganize-or-move-things bug taken care of. Two birds. One stone.

After a quick breakfast I headed with the kiddos to the 19th Annual Four Winds Inter-tribal Pow Wow. The Boy and I were so excited to witness the Grand Entry as well as the preceding Gourd Dance. The regalia was beautiful and we were so pleased we arrived on time to witness both events. Afterwards we ate some Indian fry bread and perused the vendor’s wares. We spent three hours at the Pow Wow without realized how quickly time had flown. Too much fun!

After a lunch out and some play we headed home so I could begin working on my soup for a soup swap I am participating in tomorrow. I settled on split pea soup because it’s impossible to mess that up and my kiddos love it. Little B helped with cutting and dicing the carrots and ham for the soup. He’s all about using the knives now. The Boy was pretty bemused by the amount of ingredients required to make soup for seven families. I kept telling him, “More, B, more!” and he would giggle and settle down to it.

Not once did I open a textbook. I decided to gift myself a day off. It was nice to spend time with B without having to figure out where to fit in my schoolwork. Life is good!