After my self imposed hiatus from school work yesterday I was dreading today. So much so that I willed myself back to sleep three separate times this morning, to no avail. I was as good as awake, and there was no more denying it.

I am a stress induced migraine sufferer. As such, I’ve become pretty adept at avoiding these stress migraines. When I have to I drink a cola (I think that solution is more in my head than anything else), proclaim a Pajama Day, and/or do a lot of self-talk (as in, this is going to be okay, it’s not the end of the world, etc, etc).

This morning, with my statistical homework nightmare over my head, I decided to dole out the day in chunks. I did a little self talking (“Gee, there are a lot of hours in a day, I can do this and still relax”) and decided that I would give myself one hour to do chores and play with the kiddos and then I would give my schoolwork one hour, and so on, the rest of the day.

After my first two hours went without a glitch I thought for sure the rest of the day would stumble, but thankfully it didn’t. B was content to do free play when I was busy cleaning or doing schoolwork, and was pleased as punch to get a whole hour of “us” time when I wasn’t. I loved our little schedule so much today that I think I’ll revert back to it when I feel myself stressing over crazy Penn State workloads, because it really worked well. By eight tonight I had accomplished more than I had presumed I’d be able to. And to top it off, we spent a wonderful day together, the kiddos and I.

We played a rousing game of Risk, which I sadly lost. B’s strategy of defeat them hard and fast always outshines my slow and steady wins the race. Apparently, I need a new slogan because it’s yet to hold true.

We made some fun melting crayons contact paper resist art. Here is the link for that:

What a trip art was today! I figured to go with a small scale melting crayon piece because I was worried it wouldn’t work. Little B picked out his crayons and we taped them to the paper we were using. We also placed newspaper on the bottom to catch any spills and splats (and there were plenty of those). Little B cut out circles from the contact paper and placed them at different intervals on the paper. And then we got to blow drying.

The blog we got the idea from mentioned that the high setting was the only one that really worked. I was pleased to see we had a medium setting, but that didn’t work as well as the high, as she mentioned. This project was so much fun I have vowed to stock up on cheap crayons for just this purpose as soon as I can find some!

We dropped off our soup and picked up some soup from the Soup Swap I was participating in. Afterwards we stopped for ice cream and visited the duck pond at CTC. The ducks weren’t interested in our bread, though the fish in the water appeared to be. Brooks enjoyed feeding them regardless. Afterwards we played catch for a bit.

I was psyched to not have to make dinner. Soup it was for us tonight. B picked ou the chicken noodle soup, that was fantabulous by the way. I made grilled cheese to go with it and the kiddos were more than happy.

We also did a little fall sprucing up. I”ve yet to begin work on the paper wreath, though I did purchase the supplies the other day. The Boy helped me put together our annual pumpkin turkey. B picked out the turkey at the store. And I kept saying it looked rather big and B kept insisting that’s how we roll every year. Well, needless to say, we’ve got a doozy of a big pumpkin turkey! She’s a big one!

The day would have ended perfectly there except that the weather has been so nice that we went outside to play on the street before it got too dark. I love the sight of My Boy out in the fresh air and sunshine (or what was left of it tonight). The sight of him outdoors makes me nostalgic for my own childhood and smacks of all that is innocent and perfect and pure about childhood. It’s hard not to sit there and grasp that this moment is just for a time. He’s getting so big, and the changes are so pronounced.

So, I am incredibly thankful for a full day of fun, of play, and of family. A day chock full of homework but equally balanced with all the good things that life has to offer. I remain incredibly thankful for all our blessings and keep, always, a watchful eye on that calendar and the fact that each day is one day closer to welcoming my beau home.