I usually detest Mondays. It’s because they’re so busy in their Monday-ness: the whole getting back to the grind of the work week, schoolwork, housechores neglected… You all get the gist! And the calls! The Calls! Why do I always have ten different places or people to call on Mondays?

So I was pleasantly surprised to have an easy going, go with the flow, Monday. After homeschooling this morning and before my Spanish tutoring students showed up I even got some baking in. The Boy and I had finished all his schooling for the day – bliss! And afterwards we walked to Marilyn’s school to pick her up so we could hit the park up. The kiddos had fun and I was able to make those dreaded calls.

And even with a Stat quiz hanging over my head, we were still able to squeeze in some art today followed by some crazy basketball play (Big Brooks taught B this one shot thing he can make from far away so now when we play he makes me shoot from super far and I can never make it – but tonight I was in some crazy basketball Zen mode as all my insane, ugly shots were making it – woo hoo). I was hoping to make thaumatropes as well but we ran out of time. Mayhaps tomorrow?

Our art for today was credit card art. Check out this link: http://www.housingaforest.com/credit-card-art/

The Boy had so much fun he made me pull out all kinds of things for him to decorate with this credit card paint swiping technique. The results were pretty cool and I was glad it kept him happy and busy and creating for a while.

So, I am incredibly thankful for a sane and productive and easy Monday.

I am however suffering angst at being without cola… I’ll have to remedy that in the morning!