Okay. I know what you all are going to say. Mommy and Me what? Aren’t those two always together? This may well be very true, but since our family has expanded by one the last several months Little B and I haven’t gone out on our own and he mentioned the other day that he missed just us time. So, today, after a earlier than usual homeschooling session, we headed out for lunch and a movie.

I was stoked, since when I was little we didn’t get to see The Lion King in theaters. So it was a treat for the both of us. Little B was super excited to spend some time with me and tickled pink we finished school by 11 am.

Spending time alone with Little B reminded me yet again of how blessed I am to not only homeschool him, but to take part in his day to day. Brooks has obviously missed so much, so in a lot of respects I am grateful that at least one of us has been there to guide him and love him and cherish him in the absence of the other. That little boy and I have had so many conversations about the man he’s surely to become, always with one eye forward, and a guiding hand along the way. Some of my favorite memories thus far with him have been just that: long drawn out conversations that usually end with us laughing hysterically.

It reminds me of Little B’s first birthday: everything that we had written in our birth plan that we didn’t want to occur, did. I won’t get into details, but suffice it to say that we had looked at all the angles prior to the delivery and I had made Brooks swear that if we had a C-section that he’d remain with the baby the whole time, see it, etc. I didn’t want us both behind that darn blue tarp thing.

So sure enough we had a C-section. And my beau followed our plan. As the doula held my hand he remained on the other side of the tarp, raptly watching as our little boy was born. I only recall seeing him again after they brought Little B to me for a hasty kiss before they whisked him away. Several hours later Brooks finally appeared in my post op room. Was Brooks being unkind? Absolutely not. He’d done what we’d planned. He’d stayed with our boy, made sure he was well while they treated him for jaundice.

And so eight years later I find myself traveling most of this path with this little boy while my husband stands on the other side, being filled in through emails and sketchy phone calls and even this blog. And even so there is so much to be thankful for. I count ourselves truly blessed.

I am thankful for days like today. For a special lunch out with my boy, for a movie shared and enjoyed together, and for the conversations in between. Time is such a fickle thing sometimes. Before long Little B won’t be so little anymore and our days out together will be more on his time than my own, so I remain grateful for today.