Today was one of those days where stuff just kept coming up, messing up the best of my pre-made plans. I am so thankful that I am naturally happy go lucky because with my statistics class mocking me continually it could have been a bad day indeed. And really, it wasn’t all that bad, but you know how sometimes you’re just so wound up tight that one little thing is all it takes to completely unravel you? I felt like that this morning.

When I woke up at 430 to get in some serious studying.

And then small things kept happening and I just kept focusing on my blessings, because the alternate is just too sad to contemplate.

While Brooks was talking to me on the phone (joy of joys to hear his voice) I dropped my super duper old laptop… while I was trying to install new software for the new printer. After oh no-ing for a bit I laughed. Because really, that’s funny.

After B’s riding lesson (D.Brooks – he did fab, he’s trotting so well! Or rather Dream is, but you get my gist!) we got a call from Brooks that his laptop cord was on the fritz. Could I buy him one and mail it right away? Of course! Can you imagine saying no to that. The man needs to work and the computer is a lifeline to his family and life over here.

So off we went (even Little B, who DETESTS errands was super good natured… he didn’t want to miss out on Daddy’s calls either).

The post office was a trip. Enough said. Well, maybe not. I kept dropping the roll of tape, which kept rolling everywhere. Seriously, who knew a roll of tape could roll so far? It was funny.

On the way home we picked up Taco Bell, to save time. And then B, who is super clean when he eats, somehow got the bean cheesy burrito all over his hands, his shirt, his pants, the car, Marilyn’s car seat, the floor. He and I kept laughing so hard I gave myself an asthma attack. The burrito literally exploded in his hand as he grabbed it to eat it.

Homeschooling was a condensed blur; definitely not the way we do school around here. I remained cheerful and positive and kept reminding myself that even on a bad day of homeschooling B still learns a lot.

And then after dance class B said he felt sick. So The Boy is laid up, sick and miserable. Poor thing.

So our schedule was out of whack. And stuff kept trying to steal my joy, but I wasn’t having it. Even though our schedule looked nothing like I imagined it, and even though we had a two hour detour in the midst of it, we still got our homeschooling in, I still got over two hours of my schoolwork, and B still made it to his classes. And I got to talk to my beau. Twice.