Poor Little B.

He came home from dance class feeling poorly. By bedtime he was pretty miserable. Overnight he attempted to rest as much as he could but his cough and fever kept us up most of the night. By morning he was sound asleep and I was feeling like I wanted to crawl under the blankets, and pass out.

A Pajama Day would have been merciful today but Marilyn had to get to school and I had tutoring, so we made the best of it. B rested up all morning while I used the extra free time to work on my Mami-Do-List (the mental list of all the things that need fixing or sprucing up in the house that I hand to my Mami when she comes to visit).

I also knocked out a good chunk of school work while The Boy fretted and fussed on the coach. Poor thing is feeling worse tonight than he felt this morning. We are hoping for a restful, full night of sleep for the both of us tonight.

And praying for a healthy boy in the morning.