Well, yesterday I thought I hit the plateau of whatever it is I’m sick with. That was a wrong estimation on all counts. Because I’ve been super sick all day, and really not a whole lot has occurred in the Julius household (other than lots of bed rest for me, and lots of free play for the kiddos). The only thing I managed to do was finish my statistics homework, which I finished fearing that perhaps tomorrow would be a worse day than today.

I am extremely thankful for the love and support of friends and family, near and far. And especially for those friendships here at Hood, who sustain me and encourage me and, even on the worst days like today, give me something to be thankful for. My poor little B, not used to eating packaged food had sustained himself on a diet of toaster pancakes and applesauce while Momma was too sick to cook from scratch (this makes me think that perhaps I should keep on hand some prepacked foods for emergency situations…). Tanja showed up at the door in the early afternoon with yummy food, which we were all thankful to see.

So, despite so many sick days running concurrently here at home, I am ever thankful for all our blessings, and for another day closer to welcoming Brooks home. That is never far from my mind, especially on days like today.