I am incredibly thankful for my little boy. I am thankful for his love and affection. I am thankful for his caring spirit and thoughtfulness. I am thankful for his silliness and easy laughter. I am thankful for his sense of responsibility and his unwavering joy.

As I woke up this morning, much worse off than I was yesterday, I looked over at my sleeping boy and my heart broke because here stood before us another long day of me being bed ridden and him looking after himself. And sure enough, after we dropped Marilyn off at school the first thing B did was assure me that he’d keep the house tidy, fix himself breakfast, and take care of me. And true to his word he did just that. He tucked me in, took care of the dogs, fixed himself a bite, and kept himself all day.

And then when I fell asleep, mercifully, he woke me up to remind me that Marilyn was going to need to be picked up shortly.

Today could have been tough. I could have fretted over taking care of My Boy when I could barely take care of myself. And here he was doing everything he could to take care of himself and his momma. Although I’m still sad he spent the day keeping himself busy, instead of me playing with him, I am incredibly grateful for the young man that he’s becoming and the wonderful son that he is.

His Daddy would have been proud of him, for stepping up when the need arose.

As I lay here fretting over how many more sick days this illness will cost me I am ever thankful for all the blessings in my life, especially for My Boy.