Those who know me even slightly well know my great disdain for self imposed idleness. I don’t suffer from this as painfully as my mother. That woman makes me tired. The amount of stuff she gets done in a day is incredible. I’m not quite sure I can ever attain that level of crazy busyness, and for the record, I’m not trying. All this to say that after two Brooks sick days, and three Momma sick days, this momma was ready to call it quits. 

The thought of spending another day cooped up on the couch, pitifully coughing and wheezing my way hour by hour was not high on my to do list. Plus, do you all know the crazy amount of time dedicated to THINKING that occurs when one is sick, and bed ridden? This, for those of you who travel through long periods of separation from your spouse, know entirely too well how much of a bad idea this is… this too much time to think about EVERYTHING. Definitely not good. Not at all.

So not only was I sick and bed ridden and miserable but the cheesiest commercials were making me fall into fits of tears and melancholy. And the youtube videos! The videos! Who knew I was so adept at googling cheesy love songs from the 80’s on youtube?! Hit me up if you want some suggestions to send down range to your hubbies.  I’m just saying!

So, I fluffed up the couch, as I coughed over it, swallowed a good dose of tylenol and decongestant, took a few puffs of my inhaler, and cleaned house. You all knew I did that first! Afterwards, I tackled my very neglected calendar, made some phone calls (I apologize to those of you who may have assumed at first that I was Brooks… I know my voice was kind of scary deep today), answered emails, chipped off some homework, and forced The Boy to make up his day and a half of homeschooling we had to forgo last week due to his illness. I even threw in a little yard work.

And B was pleased as punch because we made it out to his art class. That child has been asking since last Wednesday when his next art class is. He loves it that much. So as tired and run down as I felt I couldn’t bear not to take him. 

So, all in all, another sick day for sure, but at the least the coughing’s been tamed, the fever is gone, and those weird sweat things are done and over with. I’m hoping to be 100 percent by this weekend, when we officially kick off the start of our Campfire year with a campout. 

I’m truly rethinking that aversion to the flu shot I’ve been persistent about. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all.