We’re big on traditions here. I look forward to all the  major holidays, repeating year after year old traditions, while from time to time introducing some new. Even Little B, now old enough to appreciate and remember our traditions, will remind me excitedly about some tradition coming up, lest I forget.

Obviously with Brooks being in the Army there are many times where he misses out on important dates, like anniversaries or birthdays. I’ve become so accustomed to flip flopping “dates” or postponing holidays until his arrival, or even to celebrating things early before he leaves, that it doesn’t faze me as much anymore. Obviously, that’s easy for me to say. I’m not Brooks, so far away from home, missing all the small armed hugs from Little B, or the wet kisses, or the endless chatter. I’m sure, if he had his druthers, he’d trade any ol’ holiday in exchange for one single day at home with us.

I suppose it’s easier for me to accept the absence of Brooks during big to-do days because sitting her and moaning and bemoaning the whole situation just isn’t conducive to a  happy, productive life. I’m sure if that was the case, I’d probably lay around depressed and sad and tired. So perhaps it’s just easier to accept the absences and embrace the fact that although he misses a lot, at the end of the deployment he’s coming home to us, and that’s better than a lifetime of holidays strung together in my book.

Today’s anniversary wasn’t our wedding anniversary. Every year we remember in passing the day we began dating. It’s fun to think back at our youth and innocence and ignorance, even. It’s with fondness I remember long conversations on the phone, before school outings to eat breakfast, and even sitting in the bleachers watching my beau play ball. Something about remembering us then makes me appreciate us now even more.

Twelve years sure pass by rather quickly. I know with certainty neither one of us envisioned us in this exact place back then when we were still getting to know each other, drunk with love. We sure had fun.

Little B regaled me with supplications to tell him stories about us back then today. I’d mentioned it was a special date for Daddy and me and That Boy loves a good story, especially those told by family members. I love that as I tell him a story, one he’s heard countless times before, he’ll excitedly interrupt to tell me the next part of the story. It’s as if it’s his story now too, he treasures them so. I love that.

So, with my Little Man by my side, I had an incredible day. It went by too quickly, as most days seem to do. We jumped right back into our schedule, met a friend for fun at the track/playground, homeschooled, cooked together, dabbled with some fun art projects, and threw the football around for a bit (this nice break in the hot weather has me craving all kinds of fall related activities). It was an amazing day, for sure and for certain.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

By the way, the art projects we worked on today were found on the following websites:

10 circles, 5 lines:  http://theartcart.wordpress.com/2009/02/

The colored craft paper is actually for a project we’re going to work on tomorrow:


And this is how to create the colored craft paper (which is more fun than purchasing):