It’s almost midnight and I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath today. True story. I’ve been running full speed since this morning, and although I really can’t complain, it sure was depressing that I was only able to read the titles of the news articles in the newspaper and that I had to gulp down my food all day. I’m not quite sure I tasted most of it.

But, thankfully, I got all my stuff squared away and was able to accomplish every item on my to-do list, extensive though it was.

After a morning walk with my good friend, The Boy and I headed home, where after some OCD cleaning on my part, we knocked out homeschool. I was able to squeeze in my two hours of schoolwork while BB did free play. After B’s art class (while I ran some errands and cleaned the car – thanks Tanja, for the heads up!) we came home and while dinner reheated itself on the stove (I tend to make triple batches of anything I make so we can eat for a day or two) and worked on some fun stuff.

B had a blast creating painted craft paper yesterday. Today he took the paper and cut out pieces to create a bird (a la Eric Carle).

Here is the link to the collage birds again:


While his bird dried we played with paper airplanes. That surely never gets old in this house.

And then we began tackling our latest a-few-days-to-complete project: a bat garland that The Artful Parent blogged about this morning. Little B loves making bat related things around this time of year. I suppose it’s because he sees them everywhere because Halloween is fast approaching. What really got me about this particular project is that not only is it ridiculously cute, but it involves sewing: one of B’s favorite things to do. Remember his sewn paper garlands for his birthday?

Here is the link:


Here is the bat template:


So today we began cutting out the individual bats. Jean called for the use of black felt: alas, Hobby Lobby was out of it, so we opted for black linen instead. I think it will do just fine, since it’s a stiff fabric, which is what I think Jean was going for. We’re not quite sure where we’ll hand it when it’s completed, though I’m thinking we might end up making two strands of garland, at least.

After dinner we popped in some yummy chocolate cookies from the Smitten Kitchen and played board games. I call that the perfect end to a hectic, busy, but rather productive day.

Here is the link to the chocolate chip cookies: Super duper yummy! And incredibly chewy.

Life is too darn good, I say.