With Christmas around the corner, really it is, I’m beginning to think ahead to what recipe I want to make to accompany the homemade vanilla I’m gifting out this  year. I was thinking chocolate chip cookies, a la Smitten Kitchen, since they are always such a hit, but then I ran across this recipe from AllRecipes.com : http://allrecipes.com/recipe/my-amish-friends-caramel-corn/detail.aspx?src=ShareOnFacebook&recipeID=74950

When I told B we were going to make caramel corn to snack on while watching The Goonies tonight he pointedly asked me to save some of the popped corn so he could eat it the “regular” way. Brooksy hasn’t eaten any caramel corn he’s truly fancied and I think he worried we were going to ruin all the popcorn by covering it in ooey, gooey goodness.

The recipe was ridiculously good. It was so good B fixed himself a plate and asked for a tall glass of milk to wash down the warm treat. I think, unless I find something better, that this will be the recipe to accompany the homemade vanilla. It’s so yummy, and rather Christmasy I think.

Lately my thoughts keep wandering to the holidays. I’ve begun drawing up a list of presents for B, I’m scouring the internet for crafts, snacks, and other Christmasy related things to do. I’m looking forward to old traditions and some new.

And it’s so close it’s frighting in a good way.