With our crazy opposing schedules, and the internet or my phone continually on the fritz lately, Brooks and I haven’t been able to chat on the phone as much as I would prefer. To be fair, I could comfortably spend my day chatting nonstop with my beau. Irregardless, when Brooks called today, and, joy of joys, the phone connection was working okay, I put everything else on hold to spend some much needed, much craved for, much sought after time with him.

I have answered phone calls from Brooks in the weirdest places. I almost broke my neck once trying to get out of the shower fast enough to answer the phone. I’ve left church services in the middle of it all, whispering feverishly into the phone for him to hold on, just hold on one second, while I fumble my way outside. I’ve hung up on people in the middle of conversations, calling them minutes, hours even later, to apologize and explain my rude behavior. Gosh, I remember a time I had been on hold with a company, and it was a rather important issue, and almost thirty minutes of being hold being for naught as I quickly hung up to hear Brooks’s voice on the other end.

That’s nothing. Brooks has stood in line for crazy stretches of time, only to call me by pay phone to not reach me on the other end, leaving a despondent message, which always broke my heart.

So although I had much studying to accomplish today, and some small chores to work on, when Brooks called I dropped all that in a heart beat, went outside and enjoyed the breeze while having a nice, long drawn out conversation with my better half. And all the while I kept envisioning in my head homecoming, my arms around his neck, yet again. Bliss.

So, it’s fair to say we had an awesome day to day. Any day I talk to Brooks is beyond amazing.

And of course, Little B is good company too 🙂 We played, played, played.

B had a blast at his YMCA PE class. Note to self: remember to have B put on tennis shoes for PE. We show up, both of us, in sandals. This is a common occurance in the house. We never have real shoes on. Okay, not never, but pretty darn close. So here comes Little B, all excited, and in his chanclas. Of course his instructor asked if he’d really come to PE class with sandals on. Way to go, Mom! I had to laugh. Thankfully, sans shoes of any type, he was able to play and have fun. That was almost an epic fail on my part!

We  went on a long walk of the neighborhood to check out everyone’s decorations. We, of course, made a game out of it. Brooks found the most decorations, but only because B was on his scooter and farther ahead than Marilyn and I.

We also played Mr. Bones again. We found the game on the internet and since my boy is rather competitive and any race of any kind calls his fancy, this was perfect. I had a go at it too. Final score: Little B 2, Mommy 1.

Afterwards we put Mr. Bones together for good.

And, after three days, we finally finished our bat garland. Maybe it’s day four? I dunno. It sure took longer than it should have, but all in good time I say! B had a blast sewing it and now we just need to decide where to place it.

If that’s the hardest thing we have to decide, I say we’re in good shape!