In my defense, last night, when we got back to the hotel room from a full day of nonstop fun, everyone passed out. Everyone. I remember laying down and thinking that I wanted to veg and watch a little TV, something  I don’t ordinarily have time for. And the next thing I knew it was 2am and I was wide awake. True story.

This leads me to conclude several things:

1. I am getting rather old. As far as those things go. Yes, the other day at Joey’s birthday party I was the only adult out skating and playing tag with the kids. But this time, unlike previous days, I wasn’t pretending not to tag kiddos… I was really not able to catch up to most of the quick, little suckers.

And afterwards I had to sit down and catch my breath.

True story.

2. I just can’t hang. A few years ago Little B and I would head to Sea World every Friday. Our homeschool week consisted of four school days and three day weekends, which we usually began in San Antonio. We would head out fairly early to make it to the park by opening time and would leave at closing. We’d be home super duper late, but we’d make it: exhausted, happy, and ready to face another day.

Yesterday, I was good until about 2 or 3 pm, at which point we decided that it would be fun for the kiddos to play at one of the play areas, when in reality we were just ready to yell “Mercy!”and fall asleep on one of the comfortable chairs in the general area. I think I was dragging my feet more than lifting them at one point. But boy, oh boy, did we have fun!

So, it’s official I’m getting a little worn out with age. Mayhaps I should take that whole drinking water a bit more serious. And possibly remember to take my own vitamins when I give The Boy his. Hmm. That’s something to consider.

So, we had an amazing weekend full of homework neglect. I told the kiddos they would be on their own for the afternoon while I chiseled my homework assignments away. Except that I decided that a thorough housecleaning was needed. And then I took a nap (read my above post again about how old I’m getting… this old lady needed a nap!) followed by playing on the Wii with Little B. By 8pm I decided I should probably get to it. Grudgingly. I think a weekend of pretending I wasn’t a college student gave me a bad attitude, school wise 🙂

Thankfully, Psychology comes easy to me and I knocked out all my assignments in a short amount of time. Tomorrow we face a regular day. No day trips or vegging. Just school work and play and art and general childhood mayhem. In so many ways, that is more perfect than a slew of concurrent Sea World days, unless those Sea World days were filled with loved ones. Than I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world (wink wink, Brenda and Brooks 😉