Keeping busy is so integral to a healthy deployment. I’m not quite sure I’d be so upbeat and positive if I were ticking off my days on the calendar with long, monotonous days before me, and many more trailing sadly behind me.

After homeschooling this morning we headed to the Planeterium at the Central Texas College campus. Our homeschool co-op plans field trips pretty regularly and as they fit our schedule we try to attend as many as possible. Brooks enjoys the outings and is thrilled when he sees familiar faces. Today’s outing was a real treat. After watching a film on the constellation Orion we were treated to view of our night sky, along with constellations and star clusters that we could view tonight. Pretty cool! Afterwards, they even treated us to one of those crazy roller coaster rides on the big screen that always make me want to puke. I sure do love the sound of B enjoying himself thoroughly while I squeeze my eyes shut and try not to imagine what everyone else is surely seeing.

Afterwards, we stopped at the duck pond to visit some of our favorite feathered friends. The campus looks so much nicer after the bursts of rain we had last week or the week prior. Everything is nice and green. We attempted to fly B’s kite but the wind was too fearsome and it proved too difficult. We made do with searching for turtles and the koi in the pond.

Tuedays are B’s art school class day. They worked on 3D shapes today, which Brooksy found fascinating. It’s been interesting seeing him progress in his class.

Afterward we came home and after some free play, we tried our hand at paper quilling. Here is the link:  I was super excited about trying this with Brooks because he loves working with paper and the finished products look so neat. We figured this would be our next several-days-to-finish-project. We worked on learning the technique today and creating different shapes. Tomorrow we’ll try composing different pictures with the different pieces. Wish us luck!

We also played a game with a balloon. We had so much fun with the penny in the balloon yesterday that I looked up other fun things with balloons and found a great idea: a marble in a balloon:  We had too much fun with such a simple thing. The balloon really was incredibly crazy. Little B couldn’t stop laughing. It was pretty silly.

To end the day we baked up a batch of pumpkin cookies and popped in The Newsies, which is one of my favorite movies. Brooks was appalled at my choice and tried to convince me that musicals were not his thing. Needless to say, he’s been glued to the TV since the movie started and has been giving me play by plays the whole time. Lovely 🙂

Another day down. New memories made and savored. More conversations to store away.