I’ve been pretty tired the last few days. Exhaustion isn’t the word, necessarily. It’s more of a permeating, all encompassing tiredness. Single parenting has its moments but surely being tired doesn’t help things.

So we drove to Dallas today to drop off Marilyn with her Momma. And the whole time i drove I could feel the utter exhaustion in every bit of my being. If Brooks were here he’d recommend water, some good food, and some exercise I’m sure

I might take him up on that. And that’s the rub of having my better half gone. He takes better care of me than I do. Not only is he tons of fun but he grounds me and tells me what I need to hear, even if I don’t want to. I miss that day to day interaction with him, the joking and endless laughter,

When Brooks is home our home is filled to the brim with so much goodness, it feels unreal. His absence is acutely felt in all we do. We hear his comments dispersed throughout the day. His laughter is heard in the midst of our hilarity. I long to see him, again. To love and dote on him endlessly.

Little Brooks and I envision homecoming as the closing paragraph in a long chapter where we were the heroes, the valiant and brave and persevering, yet weather worn heroes. And our prize, that long sought after precious thing, is almost in our grasp.

That will be some kind of special day. The very best.