With my Mom currently visiting, spending hours talking in the kitchen, it’s feeling like the holidays have already arrived at our home. With Obama’s announcement a few days ago that the troops in Iraq will be home for the holidays, it’s hard not to think of that time, just a short period away, arriving soon.

I had my mind wrapped around spending the holidays without my beau. And so it’s been tough to really believe, really and truly, that he’ll be home sooner than I had imagined. The thought of it just chokes me up with tears.

There is something amazing about my Brooks. He just knows what to say, exactly at the right time. Lately, I’ve been missing him something fierce. And so this afternoon, right when I was missing him fiercely, I got the sweetest poem from Brooks, exactly what I needed to hear at just the right time. It’s those little things Brooks does that helps me right when I need it the most.

For sure the sweetest thing we’ll receive this Christmas is Brooks’s presence. I can’t think of anything else I want. He’s more than enough for us, to make it truly feel like the holidays.

And I am thankful for my Mom visiting. She makes me and The Boy so happy, and her endless conversations and companionship make for such wonderful days. This morning after B and I went to the Halloween Bingo event on post, and stopped by the jousting event at the Special Events Center in Killeen, we returned home for a long walk/bike ride with Mom. The Boy was beside himself. A bike ride that seemed endless was just perfect for him. We returned home to bake cookies, play video games, board games, and to watch a movie.

I can’t possibly think of how today could have been better, considering the circumstances. And it leaves us one day closer to welcoming our hero home.