After several weeks of putting off various errands and long to-do lists (we hate running errands round these parts) I’ve spent the last few days taking care of things and ensuring I finish what I’ve long put off. It’s left me exhausted. I tire easily and with little sleep the last few days, today was especially tough.

Of course, missing JayJay doesn’t help. Nya has been so morose, and per Daddy Brooks instructions, we’ve been doting on her and regaling her with tons of extra attention, but she still seems lost without her companion. B has tried to include Nya in his day, but Nya seems listless. It’s kind of concerning, but I’m not quite sure to do, other than being sure that if Brooks were here he’d have the answer.

In the midst of all we did today we stopped by the shelter on post today with Nya, just hoping that perhaps there would be a friend for Nya, but knowing we wouldn’t adopt anyway without D.Brooks because he just has a knack for picking out wonderful dogs. Nya wasn’t having it. She turned her back on all the dogs and asked us for hugs.

That was probably a mistake.

It’s so hard to think of JayJay that when I find myself thinking of her, chocked up with tears and emotions, I push it all back and force myself to think of something else. It’s probably not the best way to cope, but as tired as I am, I just don’t have the energy to pick myself up if I find myself completely down.

This has definitely been an interesting deployment. Between Marilyn staying with us, my surgery, crazy college courses, and now JayJay being ill and passing away, I’m just ready for Brooks to be home. Somehow he just makes everything better. Somehow he just knows exactly what to say. Brooks and I are missing him so much these days. It’s a hard place to be.

So I’m looking forward to tomorrow. To tonight even. To resting and spending time with my boy. And always we find ourselves one day closer to welcoming Brooks home, again.