It’s been a crazy hectic week. JayJay’s passing has left a huge gaping hole in our day to day and it’s been tough to overlook that. On top of that my schoolwork load is insane this week and we tackled a ton of household errands that I’d been putting off for lack of time for weeks.

My mom has been wonderful through all this. She has kept B busy and happy and preoccupied. She detailed Big Brooks’s car so that it looks brand spanking new. And she’s loved on Nya continually so as to ease her confusion at JayJay’s absence. And of course, the talking! It’s been nice to have my mom here nonstop, filling my day with stories and laughter and familiarity. It’s been nice.

Aren’t moms the best?

So today after a small bit of normality returning by us sticking mostly to our regular schedule I took The Boy out on a long walk around the neighborhood in the dark. We all bundled up in long forgotten winter clothes: warm hats and scarves and gloves. Even Nya joined in the fun: we put on her warm green sweater my mom had gifted her a few years back. We armed ourselves with glow sticks and flashlights and took a long walk, filling it with endless chatter and laughter. I love, love, love leisurely talks with my boy, no distractions, just the two of us. I love hearing the thoughts that run through his head, his perspective, his quirky little things he says.

And then we came home, popped in a fallish movie, made up a batch of caramel popcorn and called it a night. I call that wonderful. Because after such a heavy week we needed a little oomph to our otherwise sad week of grieving.

I’m loving these days, the memories made, the changing of seasons. I’m thinking tomorrow a big batch of some kind of soup is in order. And lots of laughter, please.