This weekend is jam packed with fun stuff. Brooksy invited his best friend to spend the weekend with us so it’s sure to be extra special. I am super duper tired so I’m relegating today’s post to pictures of our day. Read the captions for details, please!

PS. Prior to the photos we attended the last day of Co-Op for Brooks’s homeschool group. It’s always sad, the last day of Co-Op but it’s also exciting to think ahead to the new semester a short bit away. And with D.Brooks coming home sooner than we had planned it’ll be a nice break in which we can focus on our little family.

Enjoy the pics 🙂

I am looking forward to several days of nonstop, exhausting fun. I am forever wishing Brooks were here, but remain thankful for all our blessings, big and small. Today was definitely a sweet day, and I am thankful beyond measure for that.