I am tired. And the thing is, it’s only ten pm and we are still waiting patiently to head to the planetarium to watch their midnight showing of Gremlins, which the boys are incredibly psyched about. I’m pretty sure I’ll fall asleep during the movie. I’m just saying.

The thing is, that lately, the only roles I’ve had to juggle are Mom and Student. And those two hats aren’t typically hard to interchange. Things get a little harrier when Brooks is home because then I’m juggling the Wife hat too, which happens to be one of my favorite things to juggle. Either way, it got me to thinking, that I better get this whole Stat class thing under control and back into a good schedule with The Boy after our crazy week of JayJay passing and running long neglected errands, because if I don’t I’ll be hurting when Brooks comes home. Because none of these hats I wear are negotiable, you know? I can’t be less of one to be better at another.

When Brooks leaves I get so preoccupied with staying busy to help pass the time that sometimes it can be a bit much. And our schedule this semester has just been on high gear for so long I’m just getting worn down. So, I’m glad for November around the corner. For a lighter schedule. For a semester almost over. For the holidays spent with family. For rest and relaxation.

Because at the end of the day it’s not about how  many roles we juggle but how we do it, how we take care of ourselves and our families, how we take the time to enjoy the ride instead of watching it pass in a blur. I love the easy pace of long days full of fun stuff, but at a normal pace. I feel like the last two weeks have just been insane and I feel like I’m about to drop a ball somewhere along the way.

So I’m especially thankful for this weekend. For Little B and his best friend. For a fantastic Saturday spent with friends enjoying Fall related activities, memories made new, and traditions kept as well. And even, for phone calls from half way around the world.

Life is incredibly sweet. Always.