Little Brooks and his best friend, Jason, had a fun filled, busy weekend; they played, they laughed, they enjoyed each other’s company. I love listening to their conversations. I love watching them play. I’ve been able to watch their friendship grow and deepen over the past few years and it’s been a pretty neat thing.

I am thankful for those special friendships he’s fostered while we’ve lived in central Texas. Although Brooks and I wanted to fill our home with several babies over the years that dream, at least for me, has slowly lessened. My pregnancy with Little B wasn’t always easy, especially at the end, and I’ve always feared what a subsequent pregnancy could mean for me, health wise. I’m thankful that I really savored every second of his babyhood, that I didn’t take any of it for granted, and that even the sleepless nights were cause for joy. So, one of my only regrets from that is that we never gave Little B a little brother or sister.

I know I’m a bit impartial, but knowing how desperately he’s wanted a sibling, I think he would have savored most of it. I think he would have been kind and considerate and grateful. I wish he had a sibling to play with, to share with, to kiss and love and hug on.

So in the absence of that I’m grateful for the deep friendships he’s formed over the years. His first best friend, Isabella, was a trip. They adored each other and swore they’d marry some day. They enjoyed each other’s friendship immensely.

And when Brooks met Jason they became fast friends. I love it when Jason comes over because My Boy has too much fun. They both do.

This weekend was crazy fun. Today was no exception. The boys played all morning. They built a fort and ran around with swords, they played video games, and drew pictures. In the early afternoon I took them to see a movie before taking them to McDonald’s for ice cream and indoor play. For them the weekend came to a close much too quickly.

That just leaves us one day closer to welcoming Brooks home. I’ll take that any day.