With October behind us, and November fully waiting like an open book to be filled with fun and memories, the countdown can finally begin to welcoming Brooks home. It was with giddy excitement that I opened my eyes this morning to the fact that in a short time, relatively speaking, Brooks will be marching across Cooper Field and into my arms. I’m not yet at the sick-to-my-stomach phase, where I’m so nervous and excited and anxious and happy that I want to continually throw up. But I’ll get there. And I’ll be happy for it.

This morning while perusing the paper I read an article about the first flights coming in and I couldn’t help but well up with tears knowing that tonight some of our 1st CAV families are sleeping soundly knowing their loved ones are finally home. How can one not cry with joy over that?! I wouldn’t mind if Brooks were the last soldier to march across Cooper Field, as long as he did just that. Either way you look at it we are beyond blessed that Brooks will be home much sooner than we had anticipated. Life is so darn good!

So with all that in mind, The Boy and I had a fun, joyous day. We studied and worked hard during homeschool and then spent the early part of the afternoon playing games outside and drawing creatures to accompany long drawn out stories. My favorite thing we did today? We played a few mean games of Box Pong : http://familyfun.go.com/playtime/ready-set-play-706935/

B also had his art class today, which is always the highlight of his day.

So it was a good day. And the best part, after Box Pong of course, is the fact that my mom and dad are both visiting right now. I have a feeling the time between now and homecoming will just fly by! Yay for that and so much more!