My mom and dad are down visiting for a few days, which feels in its entirety like a holiday of sorts; too much fun, for sure.

It was a bit hard starting homeschool this morning after B’s morning horseback riding lesson (in which B bare back rode for the first time) but we managed to bite the bullet and work hard. Afterwards we left for the Central Texas College with Mom in tow to check out the Day of the Dead celebration.

Last weekend when we were at the Halloween Carnival at CTC they were passing out flyers for the event and I just knew we had to go. First and foremost, the event was free; my kind of event. Second of all, it included learning about something new, which The Boy and I find incredibly fascinating and fun. And third, it included activities for the kiddos. Perfect!

We arrived early and Little B was able to check out the kiddos activities area. He made a Day of the Dead skull mask, which turned out pretty cool. Afterwards we watched the procession that kicked off the actual event. The whole thing was pretty fun and we were all pretty excited we got to go.

The best part of the day, though, was simply sitting around the kitchen table after a delicious Puertorican meal playing a few hardcore games of Parchessi.


It would have been perfect if Brooks would have been here, but that holds true for any day.

A girl can always dream!