With JayJay’s passing we were sure it would be some time before we adopted another boxer into our home. And then Nya seemed so forlorn and lonely without JayJay that we began thinking that it might be wiser sooner than later. We had a nice visit today with a volunteer from Austin Boxer Rescue. And now I’m definitely thinking that this is one of those things that requires my beau being home.

The volunteer brought over one of the dogs available for adoption: a sweet older boxer with a ready stream of kisses and a mellow demeanor. Nya, who had greatly improved in the years she’s been with us in regards to her dog aggression, seemed okay at first but was kind of freaked out, or something. See, the thing is, I don’t have a way with dogs the way Big Brooks does. And I get easily flustered and confused and anxious. Brooks would have been right on top of things. Poor Nya. She truly misses JayJay but meeting another dog in her own space probably wasn’t the best way to go about it, though she did do pretty good.

So, until Brooks gets home we’ll shower Nya with affection and keep her exercised, happy, and busy, so that when the time comes she’ll be ready to meet a new pack mate. I’m looking forward to that moment for so many reasons.