A few years ago The Boy and I only did school Monday through Thursday. Friday was our field trip day and we loved it. We typically jumped in the car and spent the whole day at Sea World. Nice.

So we were pretty excited to spend a Friday field tripping it.

Our homeschool co-op coordinated a field trip to Pioneer Farms in Austin, TX. Apparently it’s where the Biscuit Brother’s film their show; kind of cool. But the coolest thing about Pioneer Farms is that it’s a living history museum. The whole place screams 1800’s. We were able to explore several buildings and areas, while learning about what life was like during that particular time period. I’m a bit of a history buff.geek. so it worked out. I’m just saying.

On our way back from Austin we stopped at Round Rock’s famous donut shop: Round Rock Donuts 🙂 We picked up a ginormous donut and some smaller one’s too. We had heard about the donut shop before but had never stopped. I have to say, their glazed donuts, right out of the oven are RIDICULOUS. So good!

Afterwards we came home, took a nice long walk and then had ourselves an amazing Campfire meeting. I’m exhausted, but super excited that we had such a stellar day. The best part? Speaking to my beau! I love my Brooks’s!