Brooksy and I had an incredible day, thanks to an incredible friend. We started off our morning with the Run to Remember, an event to remember those lost in the attacks on Fort Hood two years ago. My friend had invited little b and I to walk it with her. Mom joined us too. It was fun, right to the point when little b took off on his scooter, out of our sight. Thankfully Leis is a runner and was able to find B; poor but I was out of my mind until I was able to catch up. So we did have fun, minus the scare, and I made a new personal best time: 1 hour and two seconds.

Side note to my friends who walked with me last year: no snack breaks along the way. True story.

Our visit to Austins science and engineering festival was amazing. Leis was kind enough to drive us and boy did we have fun. There was so much to see and do I definitely think two days at the fest is totally worth it.

The boys had a blast and we saw and did so much. Love, love, loved it.

So now we find ourselves in Dallas. I’m excited to spend some time with family. Life is definitely sweet.