I love visiting family because it affords Little B the opportunity to develop and deepen the bonds between himself and his cousins. I absolutely love watching the cousins play and interact and love on each other. It may be, perhaps, that having failed to give B a sibling, that I hold these relationships in high regard. And I know that that is some of it. But on the same token I think it has more to do with the rich relationships Brooks developed with his cousins, and I with mine. I have such amazing memories of playing with my cousins in Puerto Rico, and still to this day, just love them to pieces.

Distance is a thing that seems to be a surety in the Army. Either distance from our spouse or that of our loved ones. I know some are lucky to be stationed close to family, affording them the opportunity of spending holidays and long weekends together. That hasn’t always been our lot, so the three hours it takes me to get to Dallas for Little B and I to spend time with my family is so worth it, and I’m appreciative for it.

BB was so excited to see his cousins when they came home from school. Megan and he immediately went to her room, and afterwards, when Megs left for a volleyball game, Hunter and The Boy settled down to play a good game of chess.

These days are it. They are just simply the best. I cherish them, and hope that I never fail to appreciate them for what they are.