Who doesn’t love a parade? There’s something about sitting on the sidewalk, waving wildly at strangers marching past you that makes me giddy happy. I can’t recall ever attending a parade as a child, and mayhaps I live a little vicariously through Brooks in regards to the things we didn’t do, but either way, I love a parade.

Little B enjoys them too: the tossing of candy, the marching bands, the performers, and even the animals if we’re so lucky.

Today was no different, except that this particular parade, the Veteran’s Day Parade in Killeen, is one of our favorite. Many of the people marching past us at this particular parade are veteran’s. And although I’m lucky enough to be married to one great veteran, it makes me incredibly happy to honor and thank those who have served and are serving our country.

A few weeks ago we pulled into a gas station. In front of me an older gentleman was pumping gas into his car. His wife sat in the passenger seat, head straight ahead. I like looking at older couples (side note, today at the parade an older couple, possibly in their eighties, were standing next to us watching the parade. He was holding his wife so close to his side, they might as well have been conjoined twins. It was incredibly romantic and made me miss my beau in such a raw way).

But I digress.

The older gentleman, in front of me, at the gas station, was clearly a veteran. He had a baseball cap on with his unit’s info and the war he’d served in. I couldn’t help myself. I got out of my car and walked up to him to thank him for his service. He gave me a broad grin, and you all know what the first thing out of his mouth was? Is your husband in the service?

It made me a little sad, because it dawned on me that perhaps the only people who have approached this man to thank him for his service, might be like me… someone who loves a veteran, who understands a little about what it might mean to wear that uniform, and the costs to the soldier and his family, extended and otherwise. I truly hope that others take the moment, when coming across a veteran to thank them, not just on special days like today, but any old day. They may not ask for our gratitude, but don’t we kind of owe it to them?

So, we did enjoy, thoroughly, the parade today. Some of the highlight parts was the Timber Ridge Elementary Step Team, they rocked it. And there was a Great Dane club that was also a part of the parade that was pretty neat to watch. But the best part was cheering for our men and women in uniform, past and present. The best.

The rest of the day was pretty neat. I got to speak to my veteran for quite a while, always the highlight of my day.

And we had a great Campfire meeting tonight: the kiddos learned about improvisation through some fun activities and games, while finishing off the meeting with suminagashi art fun.

B is having a sleepover, so I know this Momma is going to call it quits here soon.

I’m definitely loving each moment!