Little B loves it when his best friend is able to spend the night. The boys typically stay up till two or three in the morning, sleep in late, and rouse around the time I finally relent and begin breakfast without them. Usually the smells emanating from the kitchen are enough to wake them; usually, not always.

This morning passed in similar fashion and then we began discussing what we wanted to do today. I know there are plenty of people who say there isn’t much to do around here, but I don’t buy that argument because there is always something going on here, and if not here, close enough that a car drive would fix it. Last night the boys voted to go to the kids museum to check out some extra science displays being set up. Then I read about Comic Con in Austin and that began a serious discussion about possibly going. And then I found out about a free screening on post of Happy Feet 2 and both boys went nuts.

I wasn’t too keen on attending the free screening because I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie. True story. We arrived early, two hours early to be exact, to stand in a HUGE line to wait to be let in. Free screenings are good for people watching. Not so much for people who hate crowds. I’m the former, not the latter, so that’s good.

The movie was fantastic. The boys had a blast. And afterwards B came home and kept himself busy while I baked up some crazy good pumpkin cookies and made dinner. B’s best friend went home and this Momma felt the overwhelming desire to sit on the couch watching a movie with her smallest Brooks. Yup, two movies in a day. And some yummy fall cookies. And some long drawn out conversation about thankfulness. I’m surely thankful for today, for good friends, for an amazing family, and for an almost-over-deployment.

Life is good.