Last year for Christmas I ran across the neatest idea for Thanksgiving: creating a Thanksgiving Tree which everyone could contribute to and which could be read on the Big Day. I immediately went out to the back yard and cut down a branch for our “tree.” Little B and I had no trouble putting up paper leaves that we filled with things we were grateful for: friends, family, our pets, each other, etc.

We’ve been traveling lately so we hadn’t been able to work on Thanksgiving crafts and arts, let alone our tree, which, by the way, I had left up all year because I loved it that much.

So today, after church, some free play, and board games, we tackled an art project and our Thankful Tree.

B opted to do art first, of course!

I found this neat art project online through the Crafty Crow:  I have to mention that the Crafty Crow posted the link for this cool art project that B and I just loved.

The website gives great directions for the project, which we followed closely, from tracing half the shape of our owl onto folded paper, cutting it out, and then painting on lines, swirls, circles, etc.  I love how B’s turned out. I def used too fat of a paint brush!

Afterwards, we tackled our Tree. We began by cutting out new leaf shapes onto white paper, then, adding our gratitudes. B had no trouble coming up with plenty, though I’ll keep extra leaves next to our tree through our Thanksgiving Day for anything else we want to add.

One of my favorite parts of the whole thing was taking down our old leaves, which we saved in an enveloped marked with 2011 so that down the road some day we can read back over our thankful leaves. I think that will be fun. I love that last year little B wrote that he was thankful for: Our Lord, his family, his friends, his dogs (which made me sad because of JayJay), and the list went on. Too cute!

This is definitely one of our newer traditions which I hope to keep repeating year after year!