I honestly don’t go through a single day of homeschool where I don’t comment how grateful I am at the opportunity to homeschool Little B. B in turn, doesn’t let a single day go by where he doesn’t thank me, and his daddy, even in his absence, for the ability of learning at home. There is something about gratefulness that allows you to embrace something in it’s entirety, to see it for all it’s worth, to cherish something fully.

When I was pregnant, and this is a true story mind you, Brooks was in Kuwait waiting to move into Iraq (didn’t we all know it was probably going to end that way). I was pregnant, huge, even. And besides worrying ceaselessly about my beau, and then worrying about what the worrying was doing to my growing baby, I had dreams about my little boy going off to school on the bus on the first day of school. And it always woke me up in a cold sweat. True story, like I said.

But even then, I didn’t consider for a moment that my little boy would stay at home with me. I went to public school. I figured B would go to Kindergarten when the time came.

And here we sit, eight years later, and My Boy’s been homeschooled since the get go.

I’ve learned quite a bit a long the way. Our days are so efficient, like a well oiled machine they are. And I’m grateful for that as well, because it affords us the opportunity to learn, and play, and relish each moment. I’m grateful for a husband who wasn’t so keen on the homeschooling thing, perhaps, but who has been supportive and understanding, and amazing. Always amazing.

Mondays are our busy days. We fill them to the brim with “stuff;” with learning, and crafts, and art, and cooking, and games, and fun. Today was surely no different. We homeschooled all morning, played games, indoors and out, made some amazing soup together, read books, worked on an art project, and watched Holes (which by the way, was a pretty neat movie).

Here is the link for our art project, for those interested (clay lights, made with home made clay from an online recipe): http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2009/08/clay-lights.html



The water heater’s down and even that made me chuckle. I think washing with cold water will be an adventure of sorts. Why not?!

So I’m thankful for another Monday, for my sweet, funny, nonstop talking boy. For a hardworking, incredibly patient, loving better half. For a home, and good health, and sweet puppies, and no wants in sight. How can life not be sweet under those circumstances, cold water in the pipes and all?