The Boy and I ran too many errands this afternoon. The traffic here is CRAZY! We probably would have been home in half the time, but the traffic was CRAZY. It left me feeling grateful that we live on post and that Brooks will be able to avoid all the craziness when he comes home.

Brooks. Home. I love those two words, side by side. They make me incredibly, unbelievably, undeniably happy. And today, while talking to my beau on the phone, it hit me, that we can finally plan ahead for some things, knowing with certain certainty that he’ll be home sooner than later. Being able to plan ahead is like dropping a bit of normalcy into an otherwise abnormal and often times unpredictable day.

Not that I would change that for a minute. I just can’t imagine my life any other way. And when small snatches of normalcy flash into our day, it’s with gratitude that I hold it. I can’t imagine Brooks working a 9 to 5, doing as he pleased on the weekends without having limits on how far he can travel, no CQ or mandatory evening meetings… the list could go on and on.

I’ll take that small bit of normalcy, the planning ahead, even knowing that might change, and run with it. And I’ll embrace all the “abnormal” in our day. I’m incredibly proud of what Brooks does, crazy schedules, deployments, unpredictability, separations and all.

Some day we’ll have to settle into a life considered normal and I wonder if then it’ll be a hard thing for us to do. I’m not there yet, I can’t say, but I surely wonder.