True to form, Little B was up half the night after his treasure hunt prize yesterday, so he slept in this morning. I took advantage of the slow morning and snuggled under my blankets and reviewed my notes for my Stat exam this weekend. And somewhere between chapters eight and nine I had a huge sneezing fit, which then ended up with me feeling crummy all around.

I love, love, love homeschooling, but really, sick days just don’t work. If the kiddo is sick, sick day. If I’m sick, sick day. So I was really, really adamant that we were going to homeschool regardless, but as the day progressed I just felt crummier and crummier. Sick days are not all their cracked up to be.

I told B we would not waste a day with me moaning and groaning in bed. That’s my norm sick day behavior, for those wondering. I can’t be sick and not complain to loved ones, it’s just wrong. So I washed my hands like crazy, squirted a ton of hand sanitizer on, sprayed everything with Lysol, and I supervised the boy making Smitten Kitchen’s pumpkin pudding.

I love that after all these years the boy can follow a recipe. How cool is that? He can crack the eggs and measure the ingredients and run the mixer. Love, love it. By the way, the recipe is crazy good. I just had some. It’s delicious. Super yummy.

I also laid out art supplies for B to peruse if he so felt the desire while I dozed off on the couch. Every so often he came and stuck pictures in my face and told me every little thing he’d thought of while he’d drawn them. I love that.

We had to cancel campfire and we had to cancel B’s sleepover. I’m hoping, with all this resting I accomplished today, that I’m well and sneezeless tomorrow. Poor B, if I’m not better he may have to tune me out, and all my moaning and complaining.

These are the days!